Fall Break

Well, most of the students in schools are going to Fall Break and so am I on the September 28, 2015. I will be back after October 9, 2015  . I will maybe do posts over Fall Break if I feel like it. Feel free to check out my other posts. By the way i’m still in the Student Blogging Challenge.

On the search for a bass boat WP8

I am looking for a bass boat or an old Jon Boat that I can convert into a bass boat. I am looking for a bass boat that is old and is something that needs work that costs around $2,000  and $3,000. But for a Jon boat I will buy one that costs around $200 to $300. I will pay for half of it and my dad will pay for the other half since I don’t have $2,000 and I can pay my dad back anytime but if I find a really nice boat for a low price I can make a big profit and have some spare money for nice rod and reel combos and some new tackle for the compartment spaces in my new boat. I prefer a boat that I can use and wont break down every five seconds but still will need to be worked on a little here and there. Here is a picture of the boat that I am looking for.img_x7PSNMwnRE_rhttp://boats.smartcarguide.com/listing/48430711/


motocross progress WP7

I have been riding dirt bikes for about 6 months and I would say that i’m getting really fast. When I first started riding in February I Got lessons for my first time I learned how to use the clutch  and how to break and where to break. about a moth later I went on the big track here is where most of my progression started. I can’t really remember the track layout but I remember that I was the slowest one out there even after the smaller kids. but now i’m in the middle of the pack. I have learned when to shift gears and where to shift gears I also learned That when you have low RPM’s you can pull the clutch a little to give you a boost of speed to clear a jump or to get through a rut. When I started I used to get cross rutted a lot, but now I can get through a rut smoothly and not have to worry about crashing. I have a go pro also so now I can see what i’m doing wrong and fix it.

Fishing lures and Bass Boats I Want to Have When I’m Older WP6

There are many types of fishing lures such as top water, jigs, craws, drop shot worms, crank baits, swim baits, senkos and creature baits. My favorite are craws since they catch alot of fish and are fun to use. But the type of lures I want to have when I get older are glide baits (type of swim bait) and other swim baits Since all the other baits are cheap. I want these type of baits since they are expensive and are really good. You can get a good swim bait for about $40. But if you want a great one they can range from around $100 up to $500. The type of swimbait I would get if I had a lot of money wold be the roman made mother swimbait, I want this type of bait since it catches huge large mouth bass since it is 12 inches long and weighs 10.5 ounces, and it costs $440. The type of boat I would get is the 2016 pro 160 tracker since it is small and easy to transport on small trailers and it is only $10,000. But I could get a used one or an older one for way cheaper.

Clash of Clans WP5

Clash of clans is one of the most addictive game and is the funnest  game I have ever played. I have been playing this game for about 1 year now. I’m a maxed out town hall 8 which is 2 away from being the max town hall but since they might release town hall eleven in the next update. My base is a farming base that I found on the internet so its really good. My wizard towers are level 6, my mortars are I believe level 6 which is max for town hall 8, half of my walls are level 8, my cannons are level 10, my archer towers are level 10, and my air defenses are also maxed out. It takes a while to upgrade walls though since each wall costs 500,000 gold and on average you can get 250.000 gold or up to 350,000 gold, it also takes a while since my troop composition takes fifteen minutes to train.(BAM) (barbarians, archers, and minions)

Ms. Millers 6A

Ms. Millers class is located in Australia where it is much different then California.

  • The teachers at this school post an agenda when they are absent and are not at school that day
  • Just like our school they have spirit days like sports day
  • They have a side bar that has links to other teacher/classroom blogs at that schools and  they also have links to games
  • They do many blogs on books that they read and try to summarize a book by its cover
  • Their teacher has a reading challenge which challenges her students to read 15 texts within 5 months