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One thing that I enjoy in nature is the water, there are many things you can do with it, including swimming, fishing, relaxing, drinking, cooling down, or just getting over your fears. Water is a mixture between hydrogen and oxygen atoms H2O (2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen). Everyone needs water to survive because we need to be hydrated to be alive. Some water is clear while some is murky, some have diseases, some has health Benefits, while some has been drunk by famous people and past to others, we can not tell if this has come about  but we all know that we are all part of the passing of water from person to person. Water can kill and some water can save us.


  • I have written 12 posts since the beginning of October.
  • I have had two posts based off of school, three posts on my own interests, and three SBC posts
  • I have received seven comments
  • My post about what boat I want to get got the most comments, since It had a picture of a boat on it
  • The post that I liked writing the most was my WP 13
  • No i didn’t change any themes because I like mine
  • I have 3 widgets which isn’t that many , I think I can use a few more
  • I have 6 oversea students on my blogroll
  • I haven’t used any tools to make my blog more creative


Today I will be talking about how winter is my least favorite time of the year since there is nothing to do other than play basketball. I don’t like winter because there is nothing to do and it is cold outside. The thing I dislike most about winter is the fishing, it is so bad since when the water is colder the fish are less active and the blood in my veins doesn’t flow as fast as it does in the summer. So I am slower and not as fast as I am when I run. Also winter is the time of staying inside and doing nothing, I’m not about that life. Winter is the time of the year for celebration, not so much for going outside and doing stuff.


Today I am going to talk about my plans in life. I plan to go to high school and graduate with good grades. Then I plan to go to college at a community college for two years. After that I plan on going to a university or something for like 2 or 3 more years. After college I will find a good job or take over my dads business.  I want to make a good living money wise and family wise.  I also want to have time to spend time with my family and spend time doing the things I love doing. I want to grow old in a farm house or something and die a non painful death. I had nothing else to write so i just typed this.


Today I am going to talk about motocross, This is by far my favorite sport before fishing, I love motocross since you have to get on your self and do what ever you want and don’t get told what to do by a coach, this is the same with fishing. I am number 148 and I have a kx85, but I plan on getting a ktm150sx when I grow out of my kx85. At the track I’m at the top of the beginners (riders who haven’t been riding that long) I’m a beginner since I haven’t even been riding for a year. I guess i have made a lot of progression since my first post about motocross since I am close to the front of the pack at the track, plus clubmoto has a new track layout since my last post.

this isn’t my bikeeZ


Today im going to talk about bass fishing in the winter. The first thing you need to know is, that the fish are less active and slow. They take the bait but in a slow process so that you wont be able to feel the bight with a deadstick bait, such as a texas rig or a jig. I personally don’t fish for largemouth in the winter I usually fish for stripers and crappie, But if i want to fiah for largemouth i will use a lipless crankbait, fluke, or a spook. A spook is like a top water torpedo, a Fluke is sort of like a spook but is under water and sinks slowly, A lipless crankbait is like a crankbait but without a bill, I prefer it to be chrome.


The best food ever is teriyaki chicken pasta with white rice that I make. What I do is fry up some chicken in the pan and sat-aye it with teriyaki. Then cook some rice what ever way you are supposed to cook that type of rice. then boil some water and put some pasta in it. After you cook the pasta to the right texture then you add the rice and pasta together, I prefer my rice not soggy I prefer it fresh. Then dump a lot of teriyaki sauce to it and add the chicken.

Here is a better recipe. click HERE


I started trick or treating at 6:00 pm and ended at 1:00 am I went hardcore this year. I walked about 8 miles and went to many houses. I ended up getting close to 20 pounds of candy after 7 hours of work, I don’t understand why there weren’t any people this year I only saw about 3 other groups of people like honestly there is free candy lots of it to. I went with 2 other people and when they left I went bowl hunting this is where you look for bowls that people left out and take it all. I got most of my candy this way. when I got home I was very tired and my feet were completely destroyed and hurt so much since I wore my motocross boots. candy


  • People don’t really bring lunches to school but when they do it is probably better food than what the school makes, I usually see stuff like ham sandwiches or chips and stuff.
  •  On Mondays we get pizza that the school doesn’t make anymore because it was so bad last year. I forget what we get on
    Tuesdays.  On Wednesday we get a short lunch but we get spicy chicken sandwiches. On Thursday we orange chicken or tacos and on Friday we get something I forget maybe pizza.image1-1utuqr1-300x225